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Anticipating Tara Golf and Country Club’s Course Renovation this October

The spirit of rejuvenation is in the air, even more so within the verdant expanses of our beloved golf course. As the heartbeat of our club, it’s paramount that our course reflects the highest standards of golf and offers a distinctive experience. With that in mind, we have been meticulously working on a series of renovations. While the grand reveal is set for late October, here’s an extended preview of what’s unfolding:

Prominent Upgrades to Enrich Every Swing:

  1. A Green Revolution: New greens with Tif Eagle grass promises not only a smoother playing surface but also a visual treat. Expect your putts to glide seamlessly as you aim for that birdie or elusive eagle.
  2. Fairways & Tees Like Never Before: Fairways and tees with a new strain of grass called Bimini. The features or Bimini are better wear tolerance, frost tolerant, and deeper color.
  3. Rethinking Strategy on Hole 15: Our architects have gone back to the drawing board with Hole 15. Prepare for a refreshed challenge that demands both skill and strategy, offering seasoned players and newcomers alike a chance to rethink their approach.

An Exclusive Retreat for Our Members

At Tara Golf and Country Club, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible golf environment and experience. This revitalization is our ode to you, our members. We aim to provide an ambiance where memories are created, friendships are nurtured, and the spirit of golf thrives.

As we approach the grand reopening, we’re planning a series of events, clinics, and member-exclusive previews. Stay tuned for more details, and perhaps a few more surprises along the way!

We genuinely appreciate your patience during this renovation and are committed to making this wait worthwhile. Come late October, expect to be welcomed into a transformed golfing haven, where every hole tells a story and every swing brings joy.

See you on the newly minted fairways soon.

With warm regards,

Tara Golf and Country Club