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How To Get Children Interested In Golf

Golf continues to be one of the most loved sports at Sarasota country clubs. As we grow older, we want our children or grandchildren to enjoy golf as much as we do. There are many reasons to love the sport, and it can be a hobby for an entire lifetime. Unfortunately, it can be a long game, and hot in our South Florida summers. In order to get a child interested in golf, it is important they accept all aspects of the sport at their own pace. Below are some tips that may help spark a child’s interest in golf.

When to Start

As a parent or grandparent, we envision our children or grandchildren playing the sports we love. There is a right and wrong way to go about introducing a child to a sport. If you force a child to accept all aspects of the sport immediately and practice long, hot hours, they may start to resent the sport. It may be a good idea to introduce the sport at a young age, but remember that they are young! They may need some of the rules bent at this point, and may not want to play long games. One of the worst things you can do is make them feel forced to play the sport.

Make it Fun

Teaching a child a sport can be a fun bonding experience. Remember not to put too much pressure on the situation and the child. As you may remember growing up, young children will want to continue playing if they feel good. Be sure to praise the child’s efforts, and maybe even give them a good advantage. Letting them tee off closer, have fun with their swings, and finding ways for them to get points will allow them to enjoy the game. At this point, the logistics of the game are not as important as capturing their interest. If the child truly enjoys the sport, they will want to learn more and practice. Once they show interest, they can begin to really learn the ins and outs of golf.

Have Them Take Lessons

Once the child shows a true interest in golf, you may want to consider golf lessons. Most Sarasota country clubs provide golf lessons for children. At Tara Golf & Country, we offer lessons for children at various times. When your child or grandchild is interested in learning the logistics of golf, it opens up the door for you to play golf with the child and teach them your own tips and tricks, or just enjoy the time together. Be sure to avoid peak hours on the course! When you are a beginner at the sport, it can be stressful having a large group waiting on you. In the beginning, it is optimal to choose slower times on the course so the child can practice at their own pace.

The country clubs Sarasota offers provide a wonderful place to learn and grow in golf. At Tara Golf & Country Club, we look forward to helping you and your child or grandchild grow in a sport you love. Contact us today to learn more about our golf lessons.